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Screen Shots

The main screen:


Settings screen

  • Check like file name for hash value:
    • When hashing a file this option will check the same directory for a text file with a like name. If it finds one that file will be parsed for a hash value of the same type hash algorithm selected.
  • Hash file on 'Send To' app start:
    • When enabled the file which was "Sent To" BD File Hash will automatically be hashed when the application opens.
  • Copy calculated hash to clipboard: New
    • When enabled, the last calculated hash value will be copied to the clipboard. Default on.
  • Default Starting Folder:
    • Click on path to select a new default starting folder.
  • Save
    • Saves current settings to user configuration file
  • Reload
    • Reloads last saved values. If no values have ever been saved, loads application defaults.

Hash Text Screens

NEW You can now hash any string!
Under the tools menu click Text Hash... to open a dialog to enter text.
Once you have the text entered/copied that you need to hash, click the Hash Text button. The hash value will be written to the File's hash text box and the clipboard, if the option is enabled.

Send To Application from Windows Explorer


Right click any file in Windows Explorer and choose "Send To" from the menu, then select BD File Hash
BD File Hash will launch and load the file sent to it.

Drag and Drop file onto text fields

NEW Drop a file on File to hash or File's hash to calculate a hash for it.

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