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Batch Mode Hashing


There have been two suggestions now to add a batch hashing mode to BD File Hash. It sounds to be a good addition though I am not exactly sure how to pull it off. The one big questions is what outputs to use to store all of the hash values?
  • Write to form control (listbox, etc.)
  • Write to file
    • text, html, db, ?
      For the directory selector, any reason to restrict by file type that will be hashed in that folder?
      Hashing sub-directories will be an advanced future release feature, if even needed


brettski wrote Jun 3, 2011 at 5:40 AM

I have received a couple suggestions for batch hashing, but with no details on how anyone would like it implemented. Any feedback on what you need out of batch hashing would be greatly appreciate it. Please add your feedback to comments in this work item. Thank you.